Get in touch with the future

  • Touchscreens with the 3rd dimension
  • Even works underwater
  • A cost-efficient solution

Revolutionary touch solution

WaveTouch creates touch screens for the future.
Screens that will make your product interface far more interactive
and interesting. It's just the kind of touch you and your customers
are looking for.


We’re very excited to be delivering our keynote speak on innovative touch at the IHS Markit Global Display Conference 2017 in San Francisco on September 19. Our speak titled “Innovative Touch is Changing Interactivity” will focus on the new possibilities provided by WaveTouch optical touch solutions, enabling new use cases by the addition of force … Continue reading WaveTouch speaking at the Global Display Conference 2017

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London-based WaveTouch Group has completed the acquisition, via a share exchange transaction, of O-Net WaveTouch Limited, a Hong Kong-based company that has developed an innovative optical touch technology for use in high-volume industrial and consumer electronics applications.

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