You have a flexible choice

WaveTouch is based on cutting-edge optical technology for a first-rate touch experience. Thanks to its advanced optomechanics and signal processing, WaveTouch sets new standards for touchscreens. You get a unique clarity in the screen and a screen that is far more resistant to external impacts than traditional touchscreens.

WaveTouch solution
Touch screen solution

Curved display surfaces

The screen is made ​​of a lightweight, durable and flexible plastic material, which is also bendable, giving you brand new design possibilities. A film of either glass or plastic is placed over the top. Choose from a surface with a thin layer of glass film in hardness 7 (H7) or a surface in plastic (PMMA) in hardness 5 (H5). Whatever you choose, the operation is not affected by external factors such as light, water, dust, scratches, grease, moisture or dirt.

Choice of size and touch module

You also have a flexible choice when it comes to the screen size. We support screens from 1.5” to 25” and give you a cost efficient solution in all dimensions. We supply full multi-touch modules for operation with many fingers or standard touch modules for operation with 1-2 fingers. The signal processing in WaveTouch is based on our own Arran IC technology.

Ready for the products of the future

Thanks to the extremely low ​​power consumption and the robust and flexible properties of WaveTouch, there are obvious benefits when it comes to the consumer electronics of the future, i.e. cameras, navigation devices, tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.

A quick overview of the benefits of WaveTouch

•  Easily scaled to all screen sizes. We support from 1.5” to 25”
•  Unaffected by external factors such as water, dust, light, scratches, grease, moisture or dirt 
•  Only sensitive to the press of a finger
•  Has a unique clarity in the screen and narrow borders, freeing up space for operation
•  Operates in curved surfaces, paving the way for new design possibilities
•  Available with a glass surface with hardness 7 (H7) or a plastic PMMA surface with hardness 5 (H5) 
•  Based on pure optics and does not interfere with antenna signals 
•  Works in both glass and plastic materials
•  Extremely low power consumption
•  Available with full multi-touch and standard touch modules 
•  Suitable for cameras, smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, computers and a host of consumer electronics