We use just one light source

WaveTouch offers innovative touchscreens with outstanding optical clarity and unique pressure detection. And at a lower cost price in comparison to other touchscreens. Our technology is based on TIR (Total Internal Reflection), where we have managed to distribute a single laser beam with our waveguide. The light is infrared, invisible and detected by just one sensor.

How does it work?

Our touch module consists of a transparent plastic material (PMMA), which acts as a waveguide and creates the TIR. The laser source and the sensor are located in one corner. Using our unique waveguide, the laser beam is reflected around the entire screen. Unlike with other touchscreens, our technology is easily scalable to all screen sizes.

By virtue of the unique angling of the laser beam, a lattice is formed beneath the entire surface, providing a complete X and Y grip. We have controlled the light so that it is sensitive to finger pressure and nothing else.

As long as the surface is not touched, the light remains inside the screen. But the moment a finger touches the screen, the total internal reflection is broken, so the light escapes from the exact point where the pressure is applied. The position of your finger is accurately determined in all dimensions by the sensor registering the light loss.

Understand our technology in no time

•  We shoot a laser beam into plastic and glass materials
•  We redirect the laser beam so that the light is distributed all over the screen
•  When a finger touches the surface, the light changes and the exact position of the finger can be determined
•  A sensor determines the touch in all three dimensions X, Y and Z, and can therefore measure how hard you press
•  We have thus added the unique 3rd dimension
•  Our patented optical touch screen can be easily scaled to all screen sizes at a low cost price

Read more about our technology in the scientific report here: