Touchscreens with the 3rd dimension

A WaveTouch screen is pressure-sensitive and registers exactly how hard you press, opening up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to software, games and features.

  • Press the screen and zoom.
  • Press hard and shoot hard.
  • Apply varied pressure to a keyboard and play the piano with feeling.Let your software and game developers loose – and bring new life to your products.

How we create pressure detection

WaveTouch is based on laser light which is evenly distributed beneath the screen. As long as the screen is not touched, the light remains inside. But the moment a finger is placed on the screen, the light is drawn out.

This is registered by a sensor. By detecting the changes in the light emitted in the wave guide and captured by the sensor, WaveTouch can determine finger contact with an extremely high degree of precision. This is where the unique 3rd dimension comes in.

Our sensor accurately measures finger pressure on a scale of 0-40. The pressure sensitivity of WaveTouch thus offers you unique possibilities for fine-tuned control and new pressure features. This opens a whole new world of possibilities.

How can light detect pressure?

“A laser beam is evenly distributed beneath the screen. The light zigzags up and down beneath the entire surface. When a finger is placed on the screen, the light is led out through the finger. The loss of light is registered by a small sensor which accurately measures how much light disappears. The harder you press, the more light disappears. This is how the pressure is determined. In simple terms, this is the principle behind our pressure detection.”

Morten Mosgaard, CTO, WaveTouch