Even works underwater

A WaveTouch screen can even be operated when the surface is wet. In short, it can be used underwater. With the help of the advanced optical design and filtering mechanisms, we have made the touchscreen insensitive to water and other physical elements such as moisture, dust, grease and dirt. The screen reacts solely to the press of a finger.

No interference from water

A WaveTouch screen is based on laser light and optics, not power. By changing the angle of the light beneath the screen, we have finely tuned what the screen is sensitive to. We have fine-tuned the control so that the light is only affected by fingers.

The smooth operation of WaveTouch is ensured by the interaction of advanced optical filtering techniques and robust physical properties – regardless of dust, water, moisture, scratches and jolts. We have also made ​​it possible to integrate the force detection operation in the touchscreen, freeing you from mechanical operation.

Waterproof touch screen

Not only is the WaveTouch technology water resistant. It is also functional under water due to its TIR principle. Our technology makes sure that displays are resistant to drops, gloves, smudge, dirt etc. without having to add protective filters. This is one of many functionalities that sets WaveTouch apart from the current technologies on the market – technologies where end users have to take off their gloves, dry their hands, wipe off or clean the screen etc. if they need to operate it. But this will not be necessary with WaveTouch displays due to the TIR principle.

Providing waterproof touch screens at a highly cost-competitive price

O-Net WaveTouch is a technology company that develops innovative optical waveguide touch technology that is to be used in touch screen modules in high volume consumer and industrial electronics applications. This piece of technology is highly relevant for electronics manufacturers as it offers a wide range of new and improved functions that can support a wide range of new opportunities for the manufactures and end users alike. These are some of the applications for WaveTouch touch screens:

• Personal navigation devices (PNDs)
• Automotive displays
• ATMs and POS (point of sale terminals)
• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Digital cameras.

Besides being waterproof, one of the major competitive benefits of WaveTouch is its cost-competitiveness. With a cost-competitive touch screen, electronics manufacturers can minimize the cost base of their products, and this paves the way for new and attractive applications, designs, features and uses in products for both industrial purposes and for consumers.

Greater functionality, greater performance

Overall, the WaveTouch technology offers greater performance and functionality compared to the current market leading touch technologies resistive and projected-capacitive. Our optical waveguide technology sets itself apart on a number of key points – points where it outperforms the existing technologies. Besides the insensitivity to water and moisture and full functionality under water, some of these key advantage points are:

• The ability to detect both X/Y position and force/pressure in one single touch solution
• A cost-efficient solution architecture where there is no need for price-raising ITO layering processes.
• Superior optical display clarity
• Lower power consumption, longer battery life and greener alternative.