Even works underwater

A WaveTouch screen can even be operated when the surface is wet. In short, it can be used underwater. With the help of the advanced optical design and filtering mechanisms, we have made the touchscreen insensitive to water and other physical elements such as moisture, dust, grease and dirt. The screen reacts solely to the press of a finger.

No interference from water

A WaveTouch screen is based on laser light and optics, not power. By changing the angle of the light beneath the screen, we have finely tuned what the screen is sensitive to. We have fine-tuned the control so that the light is only affected by fingers.

The smooth operation of WaveTouch is ensured by the interaction of advanced optical filtering techniques and robust physical properties – regardless of dust, water, moisture, scratches and jolts. We have also made ​​it possible to integrate the force detection operation in the touchscreen, freeing you from mechanical operation.